Avian Influenza Communication Campaign

Avian Influenza Campaign  was initiated by Amanat Foundation Trust (AFT) with UNICEF support in June 2008. AFT’s activities under this programme were fully confined to social mobilization through seminars, workshops, advocacy meetings, dialogues, distribution of IEC materials to reinforce following information from the right sources.


As part of the programme, AFT organized two state-level advocacy workshops – one at UNICEF Kolkata Office and another at Berhampore, the district headquarter of Murshidabad. Each workshop was attended by 50 participants mainly constituting of religious leaders, local key persons and influencers. Through the workshops, attendees were informed and trained in spreading community awareness against Avian Influenza. AFT’s campaign of Avian Influenza encompassed 125 Gram Panchayats of 25 CD Blocks under 5 working districts, reaching more than 1.2 million people in terms of spreading awareness and motivation.