Avian Influenza Campaign

We have participated in Avian Influenza Campaigns in June 2008. It is a UNICEF supported programme. Our activities under this programme are fully confined to social mobilization and the actions are almost identical with other social mobilization programmes supported by Unicef. Seminar, workshop, advocacy meetings, dialogue exchange, IEC materials distribution for dissemination right information etc, are articulated in its mobilization actions.

In the meantime we have organized two state-level advocacy workshops; one at Unicef, Kolkata office and another at Berhampore, the district headquarter of Murshidabad. Each workshop was endowed with 50 participants mainly constituted by religious leaders, organization’s key persons and influencers. The main objective of the programme is to make people aware of Avian Influenza as people can prevent themselves from its deadliest outbreak. Our programme encompasses 125 Gram Panchayats of 25 CD Blocks under 5 working districts which target more than 1.2 million people for proper motivation.