COVID-19 Awareness

COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention Programme is an ongoing Advocacy & Awareness campaign for which Amanat, with the support of UNICEF, is establishing channels of Communication for Development (C4D)and Digital Advocacy based on the SBCC model in collaboration with Faith-Based Organizations’ (FBOs). The prime focus is promoting engagement of faith leaders with local communities for interventions in COVID-19 information management in all 23 Districts and KMC wards in West Bengal.

Under this programme, Amanat is conducting awareness through its digital platform on Facebook, audio and video clips, announcements from places of worship to follow safety measures, and so on, in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign spans across three districts of West Bengal and is mainly concerned with mapping the potential engagement of faith leaders. Through faith leaders, appropriate COVID-19 responses are being relayed at wards and districts with coordination from local governments and NGO actors. The key focus areas include promoting the urgency of social distancing, personal hygiene, maternal and child health, online education during the pandemic, respiratory etiquettes, mask usage, caring for the most vulnerable, reducing stigma and discrimination.