Craft Training and Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Craft Training and Entrepreneurship Development Programme is Amanat’s endeavour to provide vocational training to the marginalized sections who have lost jobs due to rapid urbanization, population explosion and migration from rural to urban areas.

As a bigger responsibility of a social welfare organization, Amanat introduced this social entrepreneurship training to ensure socio-economics of the state does not get adversely affected due to the growing unemployment. Through this scheme, AFT provides vocational training and entrepreneurship development programme to youths; especially those who cannot complete primary education and higher education. Though it is a time-bound activity, we hope our efforts will act on employment generation in the community and combat migration very effectively. We are also emphasizing on women and young adults for these training programmes to reduce the pressure on rural economics.

In the rural areas, we are working to develop Self-Help Groups for women who are the most economically and socially vulnerable. For them, we have set up 4 such training centres in 4 blocks of three districts which house training facilities for 120 youths. Muslim Aid, UK has extended support to set up these Crafts Training Centres. Our Entrepreneurship Development Programme aims at need-based training and skill development and bolstering support in marketing and financial policies once the training concludes