Polio and Immunization

This programme had been continued in the state of West Bengal for the last five years, from May’03-December’07. This was such a programme which reached millions of people in the state and ensured their participation. Our organization had played the role of facilitator in the field of social mobilization and used religious leaders, scholars, political leaders and other influential persons instrumentally for the well being of children as well as the interest of our country. We, Amanat Foundation, were functioning on this project as a partner of UNICEF.
It was designed with a unique mass communication system utilizing media and vast religious gathering. Its one-on-one interaction campaigns helped us to be familiar with every household of our working areas. The programme also helped us build strong coordination with the government and make a partnership with other agencies. Our entire force was supported by UNICEF. Indeed, Polio Eradication programme had bound the entire nation to a single string and established community ownership on the public health system.
Strengthening Routine Immunization Programme was also a UNICEF supported programme covering 6 of our 10 working districts and encompassing 201 sub-centres. The programme was designed at sub-centre level village-level government’s health clinic and our workers working in their sub-centre areas were called supervisors. One supervisor was one sub-centre and they were all women. The programme was assigned for one and half years from June 2004 to December 2005.