STEM-SCHOLARSHIPs are available through Amanat Foundation Trust for Low Income Meritorious Minority Students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics(STEM) Areas:

Applications are invited from the Poor and Needy Meritorious Minority Students from West Bengal who are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Courses.

Graduate/Undergraduate Scholarship for the Study in STEM (West Bengal, India)


To provide opportunities to minority students in India to pursue higher education in STEM degrees so that they can become future technology and business leaders

Selection Criteria:

Applicants Must Submit:

  1. Resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae) including the most up to date transcripts (from 10th standard to the most recent examination)
  2. Letter/Proof of enrollment in STEM courses issued by a college/university including student name, course name and annual fees for the year
  3. Letter of recommendation from teacher or external referee written and duly signed by the teacher or referee
  4. A statement of purpose/SOP written by the student describing how the student aims to further the study in STEM or an essay, perhaps written for a class taken in the past, demonstrating the student’s engagement with some aspect of STEM

Selection Process:

It should be understood that selection of scholarship recipient is based on the overall quality of an applicant’s submission

The committee will not consider applicants who do not comply fully with the above requirements

CV, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, letter of enrollment shall all be in PDF format to be submitted online and attached to the application form.

Selected candidates will be awarded scholarships to meet the cost of tuition and fees, paid directly to the institution.