Faith for Life

Collaboration with Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) is an ongoing Advocacy & Awareness campaign for which Amanat, with the support of UNICEF, is establishing channels of Communication for Development (C4D)and Digital Advocacy based on the SBCC model in collaboration with Faith-Based Organizations’ (FBOs). The prime focus is promoting engagement of religious leaders with local communities to disseminate messages regarding health, nutrition, education, child protection and WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) for the upliftment of children. As religious preachers and leaders are connected with the larger population segment of diverse communities, the role and potential for the action of religious leaders have been identified by Amanat as having immense potential. From the gram panchayat level to blocks to wards and municipalities, in towns and cities, religious leaders have an apex position where community life is concerned. 

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The Amanat Foundation Trust (AFT), with support from UNICEF, organized an awareness program across 23 districts of West Bengal aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Government and NGO activists were also involved in the coordination of advocacy partnerships for rural and urban areas. Religious leaders were identified as having immense potential to influence communities as they are connected with diverse population segments. Religious leaders are involved in providing social services such as education, health, and socio-economic support to vulnerable communities. AFT strives to include the protection of children and the safeguarding of their rights in all its endeavours, and this project disseminated information through digital and physical methods to follow COVID-19 safety norms. The Faith for Life project focused on promoting social distancing, personal hygiene, respiratory etiquette, mask usage, caring for the most vulnerable, reducing stigma and discrimination around infected patients, and disseminating key messages from sectors such as health, nutrition, education, WASH, and child protection.

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Healthy minds and bodies thrive in an ecosystem where Health, Nutrition, Education, WASH, and Child Protection intertwine. Nurturing these pillars with compassion and dedication lays the foundation for a brighter future, empowering children to grow, learn, and reach their full potential.